New Jersey Public Health at a Glance

Here are some of the services that New Jersey’s public health professionals provide for you: 


  • Environmental health activities: recreational bathing, campgrounds, youth camps, food surveillance, occupational health, public health nuisances.
  • Communicable disease activities: reportable diseases, immunization, rabies and zoonosis control, tuberculosis control, sexually transmitted diseases, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV Infection). (Zoonosis is an infectious disease in animals that can be transmitted to humans.)
  • Maternal and child health activities: infants and preschool children, childhood lead poisoning, improved pregnancy outcome.
  • Adult health services activities:  cancer services, diabetes services, cardiovascular disease services, health services for older adults.
  • Health education/health promotion: community programs, as needed, for alcohol abuse control, drug abuse control, smoking prevention and cessation, nutrition, injury control, and physical fitness and exercise; public health nursing services.