Zika Virus Workshop- Program Material


–        CDC Summary of Interim Response Plan for Zika

–        CDC Draft Interim Response Plan for Zika

–        CDC Zika Action Plan Guidelines

–        ASPR/TRACIE Zika: Resources at Your Fingertips

–        Additional Zika Links – Rutgers Center for Vector Biology

–       New Jersey Mosquito Biologists Group Resources – Rutgers Center for Vector Biology


A special thank you to all the speakers who participated in the June 22, 2016 program, both in person and via web conferencing.  Below you will find links to the presentations:

CDC – An Overview for Local Health Departments (Dr. Amy Valderrama)

Zika and the Aedes Vector in New Jersey (Scott Crans)

Panel Discussion 1 – The Disease

Zika Epidemiology (Kara McGinnis)

Clinical Laboratory (Nelson Delgado, PhD)

Panel Discussion 3 – The Response (Tom Slater, Suzanne Miro, Nicole Mulvaney, Bob Considine, Joseph Sweatlock, PhD)

NACCHO – Perspective for LHDs (Oscar Alleyne)

Afternoon Breakout Session Overview:

The afternoon breakout sessions offered an opportunity for planning and brainstorming discussions on a regional basis.  The PHEP work group reports are available here.