Community in Motion

Township of Nutley, Essex County

To provide the tools to encourage community members to actively use bicycles to get around the downtown area when shopping and running errands; in addition, provide the community with an easy way to calculate their mileage when running and walking the park system that runs the width of the township.


Time Frame:
January 2011 to present, and ongoing.

Funding Partner:  Partners for Health Foundation. Community Partners: Former Nutley Mayor Joanne Cocchiola.

We installed 25 meter-medallion style bicycle racks along the downtown area; these racks turn existing parking meters into bike racks that hold two bicycles.  Wave-style racks have been proposed for installation in selected parks, Little League fields and at the recreation center.  Park path markers have been ordered and received; we are awaiting commissioner’s final approval for installation.  The Department of Public Works handled meter bicycle rack installation, and the Department of Parks & Recreation will install path markers and wave racks at public buildings and playgrounds.

Lessons Learned:
Our principal challenge has been dealing with the Township’s commission form of government. The grant was received through the Mayor’s office, but the project affected areas for which various departments are responsible. Those departments were slow to make decisions, and then new commissioners were elected.  We learned the importance of involving the commissioners from the very start—during the grant application phase—so that they became part of the entire process.  We also learned the value of patience and persistence.

For more information, contact Loren McCreesh, Program and Event Coordinator, Township of  Nutley, or 973-284-4900, Ext. 2255.